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It will work in the way you and your business are used to operating, a system that everyone will know how to use – with all the features that you can possible think of. The ecommerce solution CMS is flexible, to cope with different type of customers want to buy from you. It is intuitive and has only the options you need to get the job done. Today, we have designed & built hundreds of websites, portal & ecommerce solution for Malaysia’s SMEs & MNCs covering

Fashion,  Property, Foods & Beverages, Hotels, Tourism, OEM & Manufacturing, Hardware & Accessories, Services, Logistics, Cosmetics, Beauty, Organisation & Institution etc.

What Will You Get.
Midaz Orion is full-service Web Development company for SMEs & MNcs We specialize in web development, e-commerce development, portal development, digital artwork, video and more.


Custom Design |
Easy Maintenance |
Banners  & Transitions |
Content Management System |
No Yearly Charges |
Full Ownership|
Unlimited Pages |
Livechat |
Support Credit/Debit, Paypal, MOL, iPay88, eGHL (All Payment Type) |
Full Web Performance Analytics & Reports |
Unlimited Email Accounts |
SEO Friendly |
Responsive |
B2B & B2C

Booking & Calendars
Whether you are selling hotel rooms, or tickets to your very own stand-up comedy show, our ecommerce booking solution takes care of it. It uses a date and time calendar to allow visitors to select the time they want to place a booking.

Market Places & Facebook Stores
Now we have the comprehensive APIs tofully integrate products in your web store, to marketplace such as Amazon, Lazada, 11street, facebook etc.
Check More On Our Market Places & Stores eCommerce.

We  have an excellent groups of solution which can be used to define membership levels. Now you can begin selling paid memberships, point system, discount level for different level of membership.  You can even sell recurring memberships.

Affiliate Stores
Good News if you are’ or planning to run your own direct sales & MLM program by rewarding commissions or points to your members and customer throughout your ecommerce website. Check More On Our Agent & Members Referral Solution.

Now you will be able to notify drop-shipping companies you work with of new orders. This way you can sell their products as your own in your web store, and when it comes to an order, an email gets sent to the supplying company.

Quotes System
There are cases when you don’t want to sell a product right away, but would like to have a customer ask you for a quote first. For example, when a customer wants to order in bulk. Yes, instead of negotiating, you will be able to do this now.

By using our ecommerce CRM solution  you can sell the same stock in both your physical store, as well as in your web store. This way you can never run out of inventory without you knowing, along with stock notifications. You can even run multiple outlets, and still stay in sync across all venue.

By adding a few extra functions to your web store, you are suddenly capable of becoming ‘the new eBay’. Our ecommerce solution designed to allows you to run one or more auctions for your products, including bid history and countdown timer. After a winning bid is decided, the bidder can pay for their products right away.

Our ecommerce solution is an extremely powerful & providing simplified interface for end users, the ecommerce CMS are designed for sales administration, store managers, business owners and to make their jobs as simple and straightforward as possible, giving you full control of your web content.

Orion’s ecommerce website designed with fully-automated processes, users can control inventory & stocks in their shopping carts, receiving order confirmation, invoicing and accounting, payment gateway, featuring sales products. Nevertheless, our ecommerce system now can be integrated seamlessly with your business software, POS & ERP to automate your sales processes, Customer Relationship Management and synchronising stock & inventory across multiple sales channels. Only A single platform to be managed now, the rest are automated!

And your ecommerce platform can grow with your business. Starting with a simple ecommerce website, you can add systems for stock control, accounting and customer relationship management as you need them.

Over the past years, we have created ecommerce solutions for hundreds of clients across different industry in Malaysia & Singapore.Our developers creates ecommerce websites utilising the very latest technologies, to deliver greater sales and return on investment to our clients. But it doesn’t stop there. Attractive ecommerce web design has always played a key role in succeeding at sales online, by increasing the perceived value of your products and building the credibility of your website and business. That’s why we also have an award-winning in-house team of creative experts who ensure that your website not only delivers sales, but looks great as well.

We combine technology and marketing to help companies create memorable experiences for their customers.
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